Public Relations and Marketing Proposals: A Workflow Outline

Written by Greg Brooks. Posted in Blog

Greg Brooks - creating a marketing or PR proposalBack in this post, I offered an outline of how to handle a new-business-proposal. What was missing? The process behind the content — what to think about before, during and after you were following that (very insightful!) outline.

I’m remedying that with the outline below, which covers proposal processes: What to look at and how to divvy up the work, from the time an RFP first comes in the door until you put it in FedEx. It’s a framework that can work for everyone from one-person shops to large agencies.

Why You Lost That Pitch

Written by Greg Brooks. Posted in Blog

Greg Brooks - Why You Lost That PitchI’m always surprised when teams pitch business, lose, and then can’t tell me why they lost when I ask. Chances are you lost for one of three reasons, and I’ll get to those in a bit. For now, ask yourself while you lick your wounds: What type of bidder was I?